Hydra Security Against DDoS

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming the target or its surrounding infrastructure with flood traffic from multiple sources. Through the exploitation of routers, websites, vulnerable computers, and the postponement of millions of devices coming from the Internet of Things (IoT), attackers now have the ability to create bigger botnets of a never-before-seen size that generate massive volumetric attacks able to put an entire data center offline. Attacks are becoming more frequent, more powerful, and more sophisticated. DDoS Attacks are responsible for huge losses as to customers decrease, brand degradation and lost business. The average hourly cost caused by downtime is estimated at $100,000.

Every day, companies are affected by data transmission and server communication issues. Moreover, DDoS attacks are progressively frequent. We reduce the latency in the exchange of data between the servers and protect them against possible DDoS attacks, thus correcting packet loss, spikes, and increasing server uptime.

All-in-one Defense

HydraPath Connection combines the DDoS mitigation capabilities of multiple companies into one service. It prevents disruptions and downtime caused by attacks while allowing good traffic through, keeping applications and APIs highly available and performant with 100% SLA.

Instantly Mitigation with 0 Milliseconds,
for any attack, for any size

When a DDoS attack strikes, it takes the target offline instantly, and it can take hours to recover from such an attack. HydraPath is the only service able to offer a 100% SLA guarantee by blocking all attacks in under 0 seconds. While other companies need more than 30 minutes to control most type of attacks, HydraPath will always be online, no matter the kind of attack launched against you.

More Performance with more Protection

HydraPath Security Performance work to reduce the latency of applications while protecting against all types of DDoS attack.

Latency Priority

The HydraPath networks around the world focus on reducing the latency. They enable round-trip times of less than 20 milliseconds to over 95% of the world, providing performance as much as 30% faster than any other network, even when your server is under attack.

We support all protocols

HydraPath Protection supports all types of service, including TCP, UDP, SMTP, FTP, SSH, VoIP, and custom protocols. It shields applications and networks from Layer 3-4 attacks, provides 24x7 uptime, and helps maintain high performance. We offer the safest and most reliable service.

Innovative and Superior Technology

While many other companies are offering DDoS protection and latency reduction services, none can provide both at the same time. HydraPath Security is currently the only service offering the users DDoS attack protection and reduced latency. Furthermore, our service is the only one allowing the use of several internet connections simultaneously, protecting the link from the user's computers to the destination server.


With over 600 Data Centers across the globe and more than 350 Tbps bandwidth, HydraPath has the biggest and most reliable network and is the only network able to provide 100% SLA.

Google Cloud 64 Tbps
Equinix 52 Tbps
Centurylink 48 Tbps
Microsoft Azure 40 Tbps
Akamai 30 Tbps
Amazon AWS 16 Tbps
OVH 14 Tbps
Softlayer 10 Tbps
Incapsula 6 Tbps
Aliyun Alibaba 5 Tbps
DDoS Guard 1,5 Tbps
Nexus Guard 1,44 Tbps
Choopa 1 Tbps
Hyper Filter 0,8 Tbps

Mobile Friendly

We are the only company equipped to block any type of DDoS attack. While other companies can take anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes to recover from an attack, our integrated networks can mitigate it instantly (0 seconds):

Sentinel reflection
SSDP reflection
CharGEN Flood
SNMP Flood
ICMP Flood
Brute Force
DNS Flood
NTP Flood
Mixed TCP + UDP + ICMP Floods
Ping of Death
Connection Flood
Reflected ICMP + UDP
HTTP Flood
Other Amplified DDoS Attacks
and much more...