Latency Reduction

Latency is a measure of delay. In a network, latency measures the time it takes for the data to travel across the network and get to its destination. It is usually measured as a round trip delay; the time it takes for the information to get to its destination point and and back to its point of origin. Over the Internet, individual delays at the application or packet level can accumulate as each element in the chain of communication is linked to others. Latency is usually measured in milliseconds (ms). The differences that latency-sensitive software design make can be dramatic with start times that are four times as fast, and load times twice as fast We can also notice better resilience due to fewer intermittent failures.

World's fastest latency acceleration

HydraPath network is, on an average, 30% to 70% faster than any other system available worldwide. Working with the world's leading providers allows our users to always connect to the network with the lowest latency. Connecting to the best Data Centers simultaneously, in addition to achieving lower latency, lets you enjoy the highest stability the Internet can provide and avoid latency peaks, disconnections, and low download speeds.

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Internet GPS

Why connect to one Data Center when you can connect to all of them simultaneously and be free from all the issues that Data Centers offer while benefiting from their advantages? Our service brings together the best that every supplier can provide in just one premium service. Wouldn't it be great if you could use all the routes simultaneously and get to your destination only using the fastest? Our algorithm calculates the best route in real time and ensures that it always has the lowest latency.

Integrated DDoS Security

Connecting simultaneously to our servers creates the most sophisticated DDoS protection available and provides you with an insurmountable DDoS attacks barrier.

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Increase your sales

Google found that a mere two-second delay led to a loss in revenue of more than 4.3% per visitor, while a one-second delay led to a decrease of 7% in conversion. Slow-loading Internet applications result in degraded brand perception, reduced lifetime customer value, and near-term financial impacts such as lower revenues and higher operational costs.

Much more than a CDN

A CDN always routes the traffic from the customer to the user's closest PoP. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean lower latency. To reach the destination, it is still necessary to go through several paths between the PoP and the destination server. Our optimized algorithm is the only one that always takes the traffic through the best available route. We solve connectivity issues and ensure the best possible latency by taking the route that has the most direct path between the user and the destination server.