As many strategies can be traced through data, having a broad view of everything that happens with your application is essential. Where are your customers from? How many are there? At what time do they connect? How much bandwidth do they use? Which one uses the most? Choose which data you would like to see on our dashboard, let our market solution brings as much data to you. HydraPath has come to be innovative in the way of monitoring and bringing new perspectives of understanding your application.

Individual user view

HydraPath individually shows the connectivity of each user logged into the system. Through our API, every application user will have a customizable identification. The panel allows you to see where the user is connected, as well as when and why the connection failed. You will also be able to map the ISP issues in real time and gain access to an in-depth activity log report.

Connectivity Improvement

HydraPath shows the improvements that were made on the connection, which allows you to see the exact performance gain for each user. This is done by analysis of the data gathered via Ping (ICMP/TCP/UDP) on the server where the application is allocated. With HydraPath it is possible to calculate the percentage of improvement in ping, packet loss, spikes, and jitter.

Connectivity that can be measured

With hundreds of servers across the globe, we are able to create a connection network that measures the connectivity of all HydraPath's servers in your application. We can provide you with a complete report of the number of users, bandwidth, memory, and CPU use for each server, all in real time.

Reports that facilitate your work

HydraPath offers in-depth analysis report tools, allowing you to gather essential data such as the number of users logged in simultaneously, and the total amount of users logged in over a defined period, all of which can be filtered by day, week, and month. Find out on which day your app is accessed the most, and which city and state the users are from. We provide you with simple to read performance analysis graphics accessible at any time.